CARA Lunch Location Change!

During the time that the Mt. Hope center is closed, the CARA Lunch get-togethers will be held at the community center at the old SMECO Building in Prince Frederick.  The first lunch will be on May 17th at the usual time (12 Noon).  See you There!

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Mt. Hope Closing!

The Mt. Hope center will be temporarily closing on May 15th for the construction of a replacement tower.  It is scheduled to re-open on July 10th.

Due to the heavy construction equipment and activities, there will be no access to the parking lot and the building.  

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Our current Technician Class is being held at the “Old SMECO” building on Dares Beach Road on Wednesdays, at 7:30 pm and running for 10 weeks.  More Info

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Our CARA Net is held on the K3CAL 146.985 repeater on Monday evenings at 7:30 PM. The net is for experience in net operation, passing association news and general discussions.   If the CARA repeaters are linked, one may also check in on our  444.950 MHz repeater.

See the Repeater and Nets page for more information.

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CCARC On K3CAL Repeater

Beginning on December 22, 2015 the Charles County Amateur Radio Club (CCARC) conducts their Tuesday net on our 146.985 repeater at 8PM.  It would be nice to check-in and give them a warm welcome. They were on a county tower that has been condemned and they are without a repeater for a while.


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