CARA Election Results

The CARA officers elected at the Special Meeting to serve the rest of the year are:



DIRECTOR:  Jim Tetlow / K3UGA

Congratulations to our new officers!  Thanks to the nominating committee consisting of Bill Hackett / N3XMZ, Shawn Donley / N3AE, and Steve Hempling / N3IPN for their service.

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K3CAL 444.950 MHz Repeater Operational

The K3CAL 444.985 MHz Repeater is operational with the new Yaesu DR-1X repeater and its Arcom controller, after some teething problems!  Some minor adjustments to audio levels and the replacement of one temporary cable will complete the job.  The Repeater can be worked from Mt. Hope to Solomons Island with an HT.  However, no-one seems to be using it!  Please give it a try.

The Repeater Committee requests that Members send them suggestions for IDs and Announcements to be programmed in to the repeater.

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Digital Net

The Digital Net will be held on the CARA 146.985 repeater on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 PM.  The net is for experimentation, familiarization, and operation of the Yaesu System Fusion digital radios.   See the Repeater and Nets page for more information.

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CCARC On K3CAL Repeater

Beginning on December 22, the Charles County Amateur Radio Club (CCARC) will be holding their Tuesday net on our 146.985 repeater at 8PM. It would be nice to check-in and give them a warm welcome. They were on a county tower that has been condemned and without a repeater for a while.


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