Repeaters and Nets

The Calvert Amateur Radio Association operates three repeaters that serve amateurs around the Calvert County area.  The 146.985  repeater is located in the northern end of the county in Sunderland, Maryland.  The 444.950 repeater is located in the central area of the county in Prince Fredrick, Maryland.

The repeaters can be linked to provide good coverage of  Calvert County and the surrounding area.  When the repeaters are linked, a transmission from the remote repeater has a two tone courtesy beep following each transmission.  A transmission originating through the local repeater will not have the courtesy beep.

On March 9, 2020 a new 2 meter antenna was installed at the 6th floor level of Calvert Medical Center.  Repeater testing will start soon.  Stay tuned.  Currently the 440 machine is operating from Sunderland and the 2 mtr machine from Prince Frederick.


Two new DMR repeaters have been setup by N3PPH to cover southern Maryland, one in Mechanicsville covering southern Calvert county and one in Sunderland covering northern Calvert.  These repeaters also supply coverage to parts of St. Mary’s, Charles and Anne Arundel counties. The Sunderland site is using the clubs dual band antenna, the Mechanicsville site is on the same tower as the 147.195 repeater. Some club members are already using DMR and all are welcome. All of the information about available  talkgroups, nets, other local repeaters and a good description of DMR can be found at

Sunderland 441.6375 + CC1 (Color Code 1)

Mechanicsville 441.7875 + CC1 (Color Code 1)

Sunderland DMR repeater: internet modem on top, duplexer in middle, repeater on bottom


The repeater was set up for all hams to use it is an open repeater this means it can be used at any time by anybody for any situation.

The frequency is 53.170 megahertz receive. An the transmit frequency is 52.170 megahertz . with the offset is minus with a PL tone of 100.0.

There are no formal nets on this repeater but every morning between 8 AM to 10 AM you may find someone to talk to.

Please take a few minutes and look at the YouTube video    It shows you the repeater and how it’s put together nothing fancy just a bunch of parts put together to make a repeater system.  The receiver is at Shawn’s house N3AE and the transmitter site is at Bob’s house N3PPH.

In the future: I have a receiver voter this means I can have more than one receive site. I can have several I am always looking to put up more receive sites.

The transmitter covers the county very well. I have been south and north I here it from my mobile very well but I do need more receiver sites

Dave W3PQS



The CARA Net is held each Monday evening at 7:30 PM on the 146.985 repeater.  All amateur radio operators are welcome.  CARA Monday Net Script

The AUXCOMM Net:  At the January 2020 meeting we decided to re-start a monthly net. The net will be held at 7:30 PM local on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Frequency is 28.350 MHz SSB.



National Capitol ARES Council Net:  Sunday night at 9:00 pm on the 146.91 (no tone) repeater in Virginia NCS duties are rotated among local jurisdictions.

Maryland Emergency Phone NET:  Daily – Due to poor winter propagation, the MEPN has been starting early at 1730 EST on 3820 kHz but will extend past 1800 EST for those who can not QNI early.

Frederick County (MD) ARES HF 10M net:  2nd & 4th Monday at 8:15 p.m. local time on 28.480 MHz.

MDC-Section-wide Echolink Net:  Third Friday Section-wide Echolink Net at 8:00 pm on the WASH_DC server node 6154.

Baltimore Traffic Net (BTN):  Daily 1830-Hours(L) on 146.67MHz.

Sunday Night 6-Meter Net:  Sunday nights 50.135 MHz at 7:00 PM – Net Control: KD4CMK from Richmond, VA.

Chesapeake 6-Meter Net:  Thursday Night on 50.145 MHz at 8:00 PM – Net Control: W3GAC from Whitman, MD.

Central Virginia 6-Meter SSB Net:  Net meets daily on 50.215 MHz at 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

DMR NET:    There is a DMR net every Thursday evening at 8:00 PM with early check-ins beginning at 7:30 PM on talkgroup 3124 MD State. This is a well attended and informative net usually averaging 30 to 40 check-ins.

To have a net listed here, contact: Webmaster[at]


The ARRL net database lists all registered nets  (ARRL & non-ARRL).  You can search for a net by many parameters:  NTS Area Nets, Maritime Nets, NTS Region Nets, Wide Coverage Nets, Local Area Nets, Section Nets, State Nets, and much more!

Find the net you are looking for or register your net to be included in the ARRL database.