Board and Committee Members

Association Board:  E-Mail Board

President:  Bill Hackett N3XMZ  email:

Vice-President:  Peter Holt KB3SXB email:

Secretary: David Hardy KB3RAN email:

Treasurer: Dick Ratcliffe W3RBR email:

Director: Jim Tetlow K3UGA email:

Past President: David Hardy KB3RAN


Station Committee:  E-Mail Committee

Dave Weaver W3PQS

Don Kirby  KR3A (Station Trustee)

Repeater Committee: E-Mail Committee

Dave Weaver W3PQS

Bob Sheskin N3PPH

Shawn Donley N3AE

Don Kirby / KR3A (Station Trustee)

Field Day Committee:  E-Mail Committee

Dave Weaver  W3PQS Field Day Chief

Dick Ratcliffe W3RBR  Food and Host/Grillmaster

Dave Hardy KB3RAN  Publicity/Media

Inventory Committee:  E-Mail Committee

Shawn Donley / N3AE

Jim Tetlow / K3UGA

Audit Committee:  E-Mail Committee


Nominating Committee

Marge Donley

Miriam Ratcliffe KC3ASQ

Peter Hughes  N3PH

Website Committee:    E-Mail Webmaster

Dave Hardy KB3RAN

Bob Sheskin N3PPH

Jim Tetlow  K3UGA

Bill Hackett N3XMZ