Member Projects

NVIS Antenna

Modified AS-2259 NVIS Antenna


Several members have been working on “Go Boxes” – a self-contained emergency communications station to use in emergency or other portable operations such as Field Day.  At our May, 2016 meeting some members brought in their stations to share with the club.

Jim / K3UGA brought in his “Go Box” station which was housed in a case similar to a Pelican Case. It consists of FTM-1000DE radio, and a Samlex 30amp peak @13.8v DC power supply. Also included were provisions for a vertical mag-mount or external antenna. Programing cables are attached to radio and a usb extension cable is provided to connect to a computer or tablet.

Dave / KB3RAN brought in his “Go Station,” which has a Bluetooth keyboard linked to an Android Asus phone, which is docked in a 7″ screen. The phone is linked to an FT817ND, a 5 watt all-band radio. The antenna is an Alpha Coax Magnetic Loop 10-40 Meter antenna. A roll-up solar panel and a 40Ah battery will add a couple more pounds to the system.


Calvert Medical Center is now home to a new 2 meter antenna. Bill Hackett N3XMZ CARA President/RACES Officer, Shawn Donley ARES Emergency Coordinator, Bob Sheskin N3PPH, James Stevens K3MSP, Dick Ratcliffe W3RBR and Dave Hardy KB3RAN assisted in putting up the antenna at about 180′ asl on the 6th floor level of the hospital. Repeater testing will follow.   See K3CAL Calvert Amateur Radio Association FaceBook page for pictures.              03/09/2020