We now have a 2M digipeater up and working on the State Highway tower in Prince Frederick.  The main objective for installing this digi is to provide access to Winlink 2M gateways that may not be accessible directly from many locations in the county.

But feel free to use the digi to check out your own packet station or connect to others for a digital QSO.  One easy way to check out your packet station is to “connect to yourself” through the digi.  After connecting, anything you type will be reflected back to you.   For example, to test my station, I’d use the connect command below.

C [Your Call] V K3CAL-10

Here are the particulars for the digipeater:

Call:              K3CAL-10

Freq:            145.750

Power:          20 watts

Ant:               Decibel DB-224 four dipole array at around 120 ft AGL.

Data Rate:    1200 Baud

The digipeater is not currently set up to beacon, but it will self-ID every 9.5 minutes if it’s being used.

The TNC is also set up to serve as a KA-Node under the call sign K3CAL-7.   More on KA-Nodes at a future date.

The digipeater has been successfully used to send Winlink Packet email through the following gateways on 145.750 MHz:



KB3FWW-10   (note:  folks in south Calvert can probably hit KB3FWW direct)

For more information, contact Shawn / N3AE.