About CARA

Calvert Amateur Radio Association, Inc. is the oldest amateur radio (ham) club operating in Calvert County.  Besides having fun talking locally or around the world to hams everywhere, we provide emergency communications and public services by supporting Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES) and Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES).

We support various public service events needing communications.  Please contact us if you need communication support for your event.  We are a long standing Special Services Club of the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL).

We normally meet on the FIRST Thursday every month at the County Services Building, located at 150 Main Street in Prince Frederick at 7:30 PM.  See our Meetings Page for the date and location of our monthly meetings.  All hams or anyone interested in ham radio are welcome to attend our meetings.

The Association operates a Repeater and a Club Station located at the Mount Hope Community Center in Sunderland, Maryland.  The Club Station may be used by members and guest operators by appointment or on a scheduled operating time.  See the Club Station page for more information.

Our History

Calvert Amateur Radio Association was founded in 1954, and is the oldest amateur radio (ham) club operating in Calvert County, Maryland. CARA was originally located on the Naval Base at Chesapeake Beach.

CARA’s founders were:

  • Woody Schwartz / W3ZNW (SK)
  • Don Liddy / WB3JKV
  • Gail Griner / W3IRE (SK)
  • Vince Thrasher / KB3FS (SK)

Around 1972, the club moved from the Naval Base to the Mt. Hope Community Center. Because of the poor acoustics in the Mt. Hope meeting rooms, it was later decided we should meet at another location.  The county provided a meeting room for us to use at the County Services Building.  At the rate the club is growing, we may need to seek a larger room!

Calvert Amateur Radio Association incorporated in the state of Maryland in July, 2012, to become the Calvert Amateur Radio Association, Inc.  A new Constitution and new By-Laws were adopted to reflect CARA’s incorporation and non-profit tax status.  The Calvert Amateur Radio Association, Inc. name has been registered by the State of Maryland on January 4, 2013.  CARA’s application for non-profit 503(c)3 status has been approved by the IRS.